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Common Ocular Emergencies

woman with eye pain

Is Your Eye Pain an Emergency? Do you know when you should call the eye doctor if you have eye pain? Waiting too long to seek treatment can prolong your pain and result in permanent vision loss in some cases. Don’t Ignore Eye Pain Pain is a warning sign that should never be overlooked. Even… Read More

What Is a Stye and How Do You Treat Them?


Is That Bump On Your Eyelid a Stye? Styes may not be very big, but they can certainly cause a significant amount of pain and discomfort. Fortunately, most styes go away in a few days with home treatment. If your stye lingers, your optometrist can offer treatments that will help. What Is a Stye? Styes… Read More

The Causes and Treatments for Astigmatism


What You Need to Know About Astigmatism Astigmatism causes blurred vision whether you’re looking at an object that’s close by or far away. Approximately 33 percent of the population is affected by astigmatism, according to the American Academy of Opthalmology. What Causes Astigmatism? Astigmatism is a refractive error that changes the way light rays focus… Read More

Choosing the Best Lenses That Fit Your Needs


Choosing the Correct Lenses to Match Your Lifestyle Frame style isn’t the only decision you’ll need to make when selecting new eyeglasses. Once you’ve chosen a frame that complements your face, you’ll need to consider which lens type best fits your lifestyle. From lenses that reduce glare to styles that protect your eyes when you… Read More

Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments of an Eye Cold

red eyes

Do You Have an Eye Cold? Colds and other viral infections don’t just cause sneezing and coughing but they may also affect your eyes. If your eyes are red, uncomfortable, and won’t stop watering, an eye cold may be to blame. What is an Eye Cold? An eye cold occurs when you have viral conjunctivitis,… Read More

Tips to Relax Your Eyes

eye sensitivity

Relax Your Eyes with These Soothing Exercises Do your eyes hurt when you spend too much time reading, playing digital games, or working on your computer? Headaches, blurry vision, and neck pain can be signs of eyestrain, as can light sensitivity, trouble concentrating, burning, sore, or itchy eyes. Fortunately, preventing uncomfortable eyestrain symptoms can be… Read More

May is Healthy Vision Month

eye health

Focus on Your Eyesight During Healthy Vision Month Maintaining good vision can be as simple as visiting your optometrist for regular checkups and making a few important lifestyle changes. Healthy Vision Month, held every May, is the perfect time to prioritize your vision health. Regular Eye Exams Are a Must at Every Age Visiting your… Read More

Eye Twitches and Spasms and How to Stop Them

eye twitches

Bothered by Eyelid Spasms? Here’s How You Can Stop the Twitching Twitching eyelids are incredibly annoying, whether the problem only lasts an hour or continues for much longer. Determining the cause of your eyelid spasms can help you make a few changes that may prevent the twitching from happening again. Strategies for Preventing Eyelid Spasms… Read More

How to Avoid Sunburned Eyes


Ways to Get Your Eyes Summer Ready You may be ready for the summer, but are your eyes? Taking a few steps to protect your eyes can help you avoid painful injuries or conditions that may affect your vision. These four tips can improve your eye safety this summer. Wear Sunglasses Sunglasses aren’t just accessories,… Read More

5 Healthy Habits To Pick Up for Better Eye Health

eye exam

Improve Your Eye Health by Practicing These 5 Healthy Habits Are you doing everything you can to protect your eyes? These five tips can help you improve your eye health. 1) Adopt a Hands-Off Policy When your eyes are tired or itchy, rubbing them is a natural reaction. Unfortunately, rubbing your eyes can irritate them,… Read More

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