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How To Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome

computer vision

Reducing Your Chance of Getting Computer Vision Syndrome Sore muscles aren’t the only problem you may have if you spend hours looking at a computer screen, tablet or cellphone every day. Prolonged use of digital screens can also cause eye discomfort and may even affect your vision. Fortunately, making a few changes to your viewing… Read More

How To Properly Care For Your Contact Lenses

contact lens

The Dos and Don’ts of Contact Lens Wear Do you know how to avoid common contact lens problems? Understanding how to properly use and care for your lenses will help you protect your eyes and ensure that your lenses remain clear and comfortable. DO Wash Your Hands Before Handling Your Contacts “Wash your hands” sounds… Read More

Preparing For Presbyopia Awareness Month in April


Symptoms and Treatments For Age-Related Presbyopia Did your parents or grandparents joke that they couldn’t read the type in a book or on the back of a medicine bottle because their arms were suddenly too short? Once you pass age 40, you just may find yourself complaining about the same problem. Called “presbyopia,” the condition… Read More

The Development of Your Child’s Eyes (Each stage outlined from infancy to adulthood)

childs eyes

How Your Child’s Eyes Develop Vision changes drastically in the first months of your child’s life. Although the world looks a little hazy to a newborn, a baby’s eyesight begins to sharpen in just a few weeks. As your child grows, improvements in visual ability continue to occur. The First Two Months Although your newborn… Read More

How Digital Eye Strain Can Lead To Irritated Eyes

eye strain

Irritated, Dry Eyes May Be Signs That You Have Digital Eye Strain Digital eye strain, also called computer vision syndrome, is a condition that often affects people who work or play on laptops, tablets, smartphones, e-readers, and other digital devices. Whether you use a laptop or tablet at work, or your screen time is limited… Read More

Protecting Your Vision While At Work

eye injuries

How to Protect Your Eyes at Work Work-related eye injuries affect more than 2,000 people every day and cause temporary or permanent vision loss in 10 to 20 percent of all cases, according to Prevent Blindness. Unfortunately, injuries aren’t the only eye problems you may experience on the job. In today’s digital world, prolonged exposure… Read More

What Are Eye Allergies? Symptoms and Treatments

itchy eyes

Red, Itchy Eyes? You Might Have Eye Allergies Sneezing, congestion, post-nasal drip, and hives aren’t the only symptoms of allergies. Your allergies can also affect your eyes, causing a range of uncomfortable symptoms. Eye Allergy Symptoms Eye allergy symptoms can vary from person to person but often include: A Change in Appearance. Have you noticed that… Read More

New Year, New Vision in 2020

Eye Exams

Embrace 20/20 Vision in 2020 Some New Year’s resolutions are easier to fulfill than others. Even if you aren’t able to add a checkmark to “soar over the Italian countryside in a hot air balloon” this year, but you can certainly improve your vision with a visit to the optometrist in 2020. How Poor Vision… Read More

How To Read Your Eyeglass Prescription


Understanding Your Eyeglass Prescription Have you ever tried to decipher your eyeglass prescription? Although the numbers and abbreviations written on the script may be meaningless to you, your prescription provides valuable information for the type of corrective lenses you’ll need. What O.D. and O.S Mean No one may speak Latin anymore, but the language is… Read More

Are Floaters A Sign Of Something Bigger?

eye floaters

Are Floaters a Sign of a Serious Eye Problem? Have you noticed shadowy shapes drifting in and out of your field of vision lately? You may have floaters. Although floaters are usually harmless, they can be a sign of a serious eye condition in some cases. What Are Floaters? Floaters occur when the vitreous in… Read More

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