December is National Safe Toys and Celebrations Month

Various toys for children

The holiday season is here, and toy shopping is at its peak! We all get excited to purchase a child’s favorite toy, but we must keep safety our priority when choosing toys. It is a lot safer now than ever before as the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has required toy companies have all toys tested by independent, third-party testing labs for safety issues prior to anything hitting the shelves.

Even with the stringent required testing, the Commission reports that hospital emergency rooms saw an estimated 251,000 toy-related injuries in 2010. People who are less than 15 years of age made up 72% of the injuries. Following some simple guidelines when choosing a toy can keep the holiday season safe.


  • Always choose toys that are age-appropriate- toys are marked with age guidelines
  • In children under 3 years of age avoid toys with strings longer than 12 inches, as they can be a strangulation hazard.
  • Avoid pellet guns, slingshots, and darts
  • Avoid toys that could be a choking hazard- Rule of thumb: if it can fit into an empty toilet paper roll do not purchase for young children
  • Avoid hard candy for young children
  • Safety gear should always be purchased along with sport-related gifts; helmets with bikes, knee pads with roller blades, and so on
  • Magnets playsets should never be given to young children
  • Children under 10 years should only be given battery-operated toys that battery compartment can only be accessed by an adult
  • Toys labeled “ATSM” mean they have passed inspection by the American Society for Testing and Materials Standards– these toys are considered the safest
  • Crayons and markers should always be labeled “non-toxic”
  • Balloon safety-children can choke on deflated or broken balloons so keep away from children under 8 years of age
  • Discard plastic wrap and packaging immediately after opening a toy
  • Read warning labels carefully
  • Glass tree ornaments should be hung higher on the tree with young children in the home
  • If unsure about the safety of a toy, always heir on the side of caution- do not allow the toy

Florida Vision cares about children and wants to be sure they all have a healthy, happy and safe holiday!

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