December is National Safe Toys and Celebrations Month

Various toys for children

The holiday season is here, and toy shopping is at its peak! We all get excited to purchase a child’s favorite toy, but we must keep safety our priority when choosing toys. It is a lot safer now than ever before as the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has required toy companies have all toys… Read More

Dry Eye: Why Are My Eyes So Dry? Causes, Treatments, and Symptoms of Dry Eye

Woman putting eye drops in her eye

What is Dry Eye? Dry eye affects millions of adults in the United States and is more common in women than in men. When the surface of the eye is not adequately lubricated due to a low quantity or quality of tears, dryness occurs. If tear production decreases, tear evaporation increases, or the composition of… Read More

4 Less Commonly Known Eye Disorders and What They Mean

Closeup of eye with futuristic digital design around the eye

Well Known Eye Disorders: What do you know about eye disorders? When you think of your eyes and vision, you probably know the parts of your eye and an annual eye exam at Florida Vision Institute is essential to keeping your eyes healthy and preventing eye disease. Being nearsighted or farsighted, having glaucoma, and cataracts… Read More

Preventative Eye Care is Essential to Healthy Vision

Closeup of eye with illustrated futuristic icons and an eye chart

Preventative Eye Care  The National Eye Institute and American Optometric Association dedicate the month of May to educating the American public about ways to keep their eyes and vision healthy. Most Americans will visit their doctor if they are sick or break a bone and a fair share see their doctor annually as a preventative… Read More

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